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Skygreen creates a green space without maintenance with an esthetic constant throughout the year. The Company realises with the laying of artificial turf solution, works "turnkey". Thinking about the design of your garden, the artificial turf should be considered exactly like the real one, incorporating it with furniture elements: stone paths, planters, rocky beds, water games, gazebos and porches.


Immediate use

Turf that can be used immediately after work, does not change color


Suitable for pets

the resistance of the yarn is excellent, does not yellow and is washable with water. Free of pests


Durable over time

Years of splendor, no weed, parched or bare area.

This product is ideal for gardens, terraces, flowerbeds, playgrounds, swimming pools, both in residence that hotels, campsites, dwellings, where the care and maintenance of a real lawn requires effort, time and money, often with bad results.


Why choose us

Skygreen synthetic grass is multifunctional, decorative, versatile and easy to maintain. Having this ductility, it is increasingly used in different environments.

Closure of irrigation systems

Closure of irrigation on water saving

Extreme resistance to chlorine

Extreme resistance to chlorine and salt, ideal for applications near a swimming pool.

Resistance to trampling

Excellent resistance to wear.

Chemical resistance

Total chemical resistance in case of spills of any liquid detergent, beverage, acid rain.

Ideal for play areas

Completely non-toxic, suitable for kindergartens, schools, gyms.

Resistance up to -40°C

Maintenance of mechanical properties and resistance up to -40°C.

It does not propagate flame

It does not spread the flame thanks to the siliceous sand inlay.

Absence of insects

Drying in a very short time after time, with moisture reduction and consequent absence of insects.

Excellent drainage

Drainage perfect, ever more areas with stagnant water.

Layers that determine our quality.

Each layer managed and installed with care by our technicians ensures that your garden is always at its best. A compact and well leveled bottom avoids the depressions, the anti-root insulating layer prevents the creation of weeds and the brushed turf will give you an environment to live at 360° with your family, friends and your beloved pets.

Our products

Different types in height, yarn and color. Find the one that's right for you and contact us for any information.

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Here's how we'll turn your old garden into a new Skygreen lawn.

Breve descrizione di come si svolgeranno le attività di installazione del tappeto in erba sintetica.

omino skygreen


Existing turfgrass removal

Creation of the background

Leveling of the bottom

Bottom compaction

Laying anti-root cloth

Laying synthetic grass in rolls


Final brushing

Upcoming Events

Always present in major industry events, so you can touch our products, follow us and stay informed about the next event to visit us.

Hospitality 2020 - Riva del Garda - Tn

date_range05. feb. 2020

We were present at the "Hospitality" 2020 fair at the ExpoRivaHotel in Riva del Garda (TN) from 07/02/2020 to 10/02/2020

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